Dispatch Team (DT)

The 123Loadboard.com™ Dispatch Team is included FREE (valued at $400/month) for all 123Loadboard.com Premium Plan Members. The Dispatch Team has been designed to help members find high paying freight fast and with less effort.


Dispatch Team - Apply now!

123Loadboard.com™ developed the state-of-the-art in-house Dispatch Team to help members locate offline loads and secure long-term dedicated runs. This service is INCLUDED FREE with your Premium Plan membership and is valued at over $400/month.

Dispatch-Team-Step1 Upload your Operating Documents
Get pre-approved by shippers by faxing in your Certificate of Insurance Operating Authority, W-9, references and more...
Dispatch-Team-Step2 Complete Your Profile
Let us know more about your company, what types of trailers you haul, etc. The more information we have on you and your company the better we can help in finding loads for you.
Dispatch-Team-Step3 Proof of Roadside Assistance
We require that all members of the Dispatch Team hold a roadside assistance plan to ensure continued service. Please fax proof of roadside assistance to 1-877-875-0110. Don't have roadside assistance? Click here!
Dispatch-Team-Step4 Confirm Steps 1, 2 and 3
Once you completed steps 1, 2 and 3, you need to confirm this to us.
After all 3 steps are completed, we will process your application and once approved you will be assigned your own personal Dispatch Team Agent.
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